Mini Luggage


In case you have not been following me on Instagram or Twitter for some time (Hint, Hint) let me quickly update you on my obsession for this bag. I am the Twitter feed that likes anything remotely related to this bag. Let us not mention my Pinterest boards where nearly every outfit incorporates this bag. I am even the person that talked someone into Urban Outfitters in Edinburgh to get a closer look at a "Real Life" Replica Celine Mini Luggage crossbody (True story).

So you can start to begin to understand the awe, shock, and delight that overcame me when I was presented with a Replica Celine paper bag. In the event that you needed a description, I went all weird, could not speak never mind say thank you to my husband and mother. It then took me forever to open the bag, as I could not concentrate with excitement and as you will soon come to realize that is not usually a problem that becomes me.

Enough of my emotions, Can you believe fellow beauty addicts that I got a Replica Celine Mini Luggage all of my very own! Like I will be doing with the majority of shiny new items, please find the review in the usual format:
The Beauty Business
Price: I am not being coy about this but depending where and when you buy the bag prices will vary. It also depends on the color, style, and finish of the bag. I also got this as a gift and would find it rude to ask and post details.
Availability: I have and currently am (must remember to cancel) on a waiting list for any color, shape, and style of Replica Celine Mini Luggage crossbody at my nearest and dearest Harvey Nichols. These bags are like gold dust and are in big demand. My bag was bought in Brown Thomas in Dublin so this may be your first point of call.
Hype: Hype verging on hysteria and I as a new owner can understand why.
Functionality: The inside compartment for the phone is just one of the many features of this bag that makes it functional. It is large enough to hold my laptop, numerous notebooks, documents, and other usual handbag necessities without looking over- stuffed. With this amount of items in it, it will become heavy. I do think this will be the perfect travel bag for those weekly business trips.

Special Features: The first special feature is that the design at the front makes the bag look like it is smiling at you. The second would be the space inside the bag. The third would be the zipper compartments inside the bag and at the front. I do feel however that the zipper at the front is more for style than sustenance.
Measurements: 12"Hx15'Wx7"
Size: I can easily be swamped by big bags being 5'3 but this is perfect. Even more perfect with heels.
Style Match: There are many replicas on the market but you know how I feel about "Fakes". I usually try and find the style from other designers however I feel this bag is too unique. I did find a bag in Topshop that had some style similarities.

Style Type: It is large enough to be versatile for both office, casual and evening wear. It may be a little too big to be paired with an evening gown though!

There you have it, my Replica Celine Mini Luggage Tote review. I will be aiming to review mostly luxury brand handbags on this site as that is one of my many weaknesses, so if you have any burning questions please post a comment and I will reply with all the honesty of a fellow shopaholic.